Everything about customer personas and how to use them

Alchemy Creative Co. everything about and how to use customer personas

First, let's start with a little back story. If you are not already using comprehensive marketing automation software (Such as's awesome and FREE CRM/Marketing Automaton tools), then it's likely that you don't already have an established customer persona to use in conjunction with your marketing strategy.

"How can I predict this?" you might be asking yourself. The reason is that most marketing strategies or tools don't give you the type of power or customizability to the level in which you need a detailed persona breakdown - EXCEPT for marketing automation and nurturing software. This is NOT a sales pitch for HubSpot (even though it is amazing). This IS a breakdown of customers personas, what they are, why you need them, and how to build them.

Let's continue to break this down...

What is a persona?

The customer persona is designed to answer just one simple question. However, it answers the question very effectively, and arguably more important holistically. The question is "How well do you know your best customers?". This might not seem like much, but knowing the answer to this question means everything to your overall marketing strategy. Before reading on, reflect on how well you know your best customers. I mean really know them.

Alchemy Creative Co. what is a persona?

When it comes to marketing automation, think of your customer personas like funnels or journeys for your contacts communication with you inside of. Every contact that you bring in needs to fit into one of your buckets if you want to use marketing automation. This is so you can categorize them and understand better how to best interact with them, especially if you are going to be using marketing automation.

The idea is to create more natural communication with then contact by using context. In the same way, you would never try to market a car to a child or selling a coloring book to an adult. Make sense?

So what exactly does a persona look like?

Let's explore our fictional persona "Sam" and learn more about him. About "SAM"

  • Sam is a digital marketing manager at a national flooring store.
  • With a bachelor's in digital marketing, Sam has found a lot of success over the past four years in his current position and enjoys coming to work.
  • Sam is a male, and his household makes over $100K annually. He lives in an apartment and has an explosive and impulsive attitude.
  • Recently Sam has been tasked with bringing in more web traffic through SEO and blogging. Sam's success so far has been centered around PPC, so he is worried if he will be able to be as successful working on SEO in addition to his PPC duties.


  • Sam's job responsibilities include generating web traffic and leads, making sure leads are sales-qualified and overseeing the companies social media account.
  • Sam is evaluated on his ability to effectively generate these leads for a specific price and his ability to keep above 10% post engagement across all social media posts.
  • Sam looks to internet articles and podcasts for reliable information. He seeks information . to make sure he stays up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing."

Alchemy Creative Co. Customer Personas 

As you can see this is a lot of specific information that we can use to classify a prospect or contact. With personas, you can get as specific as you feel that you need to in order to effectively market your business.

We won't be able to get this granular with each and every prospect that comes into our CRM software, but this is a good starting point for one of your ideal customers to do business with.

Developing your persona is a lot of work, but you are not alone in marketing your business. To learn more about branding your business online sign up to download our guide "The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Branding for the Digital World" below

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