These are the 5 "Must Haves" for your new logo design

When cultivating a new brand, most designer's and marketers think alike and start at the same place, The Logo. The reason we all do is so simple, the logo is the brands visible facing identity, and the business has 100% control over the logo design.

In a world where first impressions mean everything and countless competitors for any business niche can be found online - you need to make a striking first impression. Let's talk about 5 great tips to consider when creating your new logo design (+ 1 bonus tip!).

1. Design your logo for your ideal persona

This tip might seem simple, but don't leap over the importance of your persona. This tip is #1 for a reason in logo design, and that is because it is the most important. Your logo design should be tailored to speak your brand's language and show your company culture. Any perfect logo design will make your customers feel as you (and your company) fit them like a glove, and you "just get" their problems, situations, and needs.

Make sure that you take the time to develop a detailed persona and demographics before you get into your logo design. By doing this, you ensure that you can really take a dive deep into the mind and lifestyle of your ideal customer ultimately making your logo design just that much more effective in working for your brand. Be suer to keep in mind, what your selling should play a significant role too! For example, the bold and boxy design you might use for your whitewater rafting company likely will be very different from the scripty and flowing design from your hair salon and... well you get the picture.

The basic idea is design your logo around who you are selling to and what you are selling them and the rest of your design elements should follow.

(To learn more about developing your customer persona, checkout our detailed blog HERE)




2. Make sure your design translates well

To be clear, we are not talking about different languages here - we are talking about a medium in which your logo design is delivered. Your logo design should easily be recognized and digested even when presented in different formats. From your business card to your website and everywhere in-between the ultimate goal is for your logo design to stay consistent with your overall brand design and make sure that the design doesn't become awkward when scaled up to a giant billboard or down to an ink pen. Our recommendation is to avoid overly complicated logo design details that will be lost when scaled down. Keep your design simple so everything will make sense in every context.


3. Color's matter... Like a lot!

So we all know that stop signs red because they're eye-popping, but how much thought have you put into your brands color design and how that fits in with the logo design? Even with the same logo design, a simple shift in color can make a world of difference in how it is perceived.

From color schemes such as Complementary and Triadic to prospect reactions to different shades of blue your logo design's color plays a much more significant role than you may have once thought. If you are looking for guidance on your color scheme - checkout the bullets below.

  • Blue's and Green's tend to communicate trust and wealth, so they are great for large purchases and time investments like banks or airlines.
  • Warmer colors, they communicate motivation, motivation, and energy which play better with gyms, and entertainment.
  • Monochromatic colors (like black and white) are best for logo designs that want to appear "Clean" to the customer great for industries like clothing.




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4. Don't skimp on font selection

Seriously, your font is crucial to your logo design, and this can not be (and usually is not) stressed enough! Your font choices will absolutely make or break any logo design (and all design projects for that matter). That being said, with so many font options out there how can you choose the right font? With so many font options being available from free sources (,, and to name a few) it might be confusing to determine where to start - but the simple thing to do is don't buy a font. Virtually any font you can think of is out there for free and this will help you narrow down your sources of where to look for fonts.

We recommend starting simple and adding complexity vs. the other way around. Try some default fonts from your local machine and see what makes sense for your business. Think about your personas then head out on the web and begin searching for something a little more unique that might have the power to set your logo design apart from other competitors. When looking for that perfect font, look for attributes that give the design feel that will attract the type of customers that you are looking for.

This advice for your logo design will go a long way if you do it right. Taking your time on your first logo design makes costly logo and brand redesigns a think you never have to consider in the future.


5. Do some real-world testing

Logo's live and breathe with your brand - and that means everything in marketing, operations, even Legal! As times go on you will find your logo in so many more places than just on your company website and your business cards. Do some real-world testing on your logo. Print it out and try to stick it on some things you might see it in the future like on mugs, documents, even your company checks to make sure it still makes sense when it is in the context that your business will be using it in.

This technique is especially useful when you have narrowed your designs down to two options and you are trying to find a way to break the tie.


**Bonus Tip**

6. Decide on Text Bases Vs. Icon Based


One of the first things I like to do is decide if I want to have an icon-heavy logo (like Apple or Nike) or a text-heavy one (like Wal-Mart or CNN). This will help get the creative juices flowing and give a specific direction to your creativity vs. designing irrelevant logo designs that will never see another revision.

Ultimate Guide to Build your Brand OnlineWhether you are a new startup on rebranding your family law firm, logo design is a crucial part of your brand's interaction with the outward facing market. Make sure the invest the time into your brand and you will definitely see the return for years to come from your well-executed logo design.

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